like words that never or often we hear in our lives all along that science is very important but if not balanced with an action that can be said to be useless or useless things.

Shared meanings and purposes as well as newknowledge and capabilities, converge on decision making as the activity leading to the selection and initiation of action.Shared meanings, agendas, and identities select the premises, rules, and routines that structure decision making. New knowledge and capabilities make possible new alternatives and outcomes, expanding the range of available organizational responses [Choo, C., 2002, p. 86]. Choo further proposes that information flows are a central process that bridges knowledge creation and decision making activity. Information flows continuously between sense making, knowledge creating, and decision making, so that the outcome of information use in one mode provides the elaborated context and the expanded resources for information use in the other modes [Choo, C., 2002, p. 85].

There are some people who are smart in a future lesson for education. however, controls only in theory they are sometimes all there is in theory can not be applied in the real world. whereas, it has the development of science and static. then the “Read It and Do it (act)” It is very necessary.