Notwithstanding the need to distinguish between the use of common sense with science. Lies the fundamental difference between them is centered on the word “systematic” and “controlled”. There are five main things that distinguish between science and common sense. The first, knowledge is developed through structure-structure theory, and tested for internal consistency. In developing its structure, it is done with the test or test empirically. Moderate use of common sense is usually not. The second, in science, theory and hypothesis is always tested empirically.As with people who are not scientists in a “selective”. The third, a sense of control , which in scientific research can have a sense of variety. The fourth, science emphasizes the relationship between the phenomena consciously and systematically.The pattern of connecting is not done at random. The fifth, the difference lies in a different way of explaining the observed phenomena. In explaining the relationship between phenomena, scientists conducted a careful and avoid the metaphysical interpretation. The resulting proposition is always open to scientific observation and testing.

Science (or science) is all a conscious effort to investigate, discover and increasehuman understanding of various aspects of reality in human nature. These aspects are limited so that the resulting formulas are uncertain. Science provides certainty by limitingthe scope of his views, and the certainty of science derived from its limitations.

Sources of knowledge in the world originated from human attitude that there are doubtingevery symptom in the universe. Humans do not want to accept the things that exist, including his own fate. Rene Descarte once said.Science is not just knowledge (knowledge), but it summarizes a set of knowledge based on theories that are agreed and can be systematically tested with a set of methods thatare recognized in a particular discipline.