Ponzi observed that “knowledge management is one emerging discipline that remains strong and does not appear to be fading” [Ponzi, L., 2004, p. 9]

Currently, there are many articles about the “public practice” or “enterprise content management” or “lessons” are clearly the focus of KM, but they do not use the phrase “knowledge management” in the title.

The significance of the KM growth pattern becomes much more apparent when one compares it with the pattern of other major business enthusiasms of recent years. The pattern of business enthusiasms in approximately five years of dramatic, exponential, growth, then they peak and fall off to near nothing almost as quickly. KM, by contrast, has that same period of five years of exponential growth, 1994 to 1999, but in the decade since it has not declined, rather it has continued to grow steadily and consistently.

As the twenty-first century has progressed, searches on ‘knowledge management’ have revealed that scholarly works on knowledge sharing have increasingly been combined with research on social networking and social media.

Resource :

Knowledge Management (KM) Process in Organization that was written by Claire R. McInerney.