The smart phone is a cell phone that has / have a high rate capability, sometimes with computer-like functions. Be spelled out in the smartphone is a device that allows for communication (such as telephone or sms) function is also contained therein PDA (personal digital assistant) and like-capable computer.

Initially we only know the existence of mobile phones and PDAs are in general at that time onlyto be used as a phone while the PDA is used as apersonal assistant and organizer. Whose function is to store the data,until synchronization betweencomputers and PDAs.
 There are several things that distinguish a smartphone to another:
1. Operating System
Which allows us to run a wide range ofapplications. Operating system which can be found in the smart phone ist he Symbian OS, iPhone OS, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm WebOS dan Android. Android and WebOS created by Linux, and iPhone OS made oleh BSD and NeXTSTEP operating systemassociated with Unix
2. Software / application
Complemented by a wide range of applications aimed at improving produkivitas and support their daily activities
3. Access the internet / web
Can be used to access the web / internet as well as the content presented was as close as accessvia the web.
4. QWERTY keyboard
Created with the aim of facilitating such a user,can be either physical (hardware), or in virtualform.
5. Messaging
the ability to process messages on a smartphones not limited to : send sms, but also features the ability to send email and even the process of synchronization with the local computer internetserver, so that we can easily acces the same messages either via smartphone or computer.