Technological progress in various sectors can not be separated from the internet that greatly affect as information of media. The discussion this time I will discuss briefly some of the figures who have been instrumental in the advancement of the Internet as a means of supporting the advancement of technology and knowledge.
1. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, dan Sergey Brin, Eksekutif Google
Surely no one knows Google it? Well, almost everyone must be familiar with Google. All of that was the idea of Brin and Page to create a search engine on the internet, Googlegrew into an empire in the world of internet. Their business is now not only searchengines but a variety of applications like Microsoft dominates the PC world domination.Google riches of the value of the shares are now worth 33 billion U.S. dollars!. GoogleCEO Eric Schmidt was formerly the lead Novell, google trusted to run the business since 2001
2. Matt Mullenweg, Developer software dan situs blogging WordPress
Matt Mullenweg almost didn’t buy a drink (alcoholic), but the open-source enthusiast this 22-year-old managed to develop WordPress, open source publishing software favored by blogging enthusiasts around the world. In 2004, WordPress is well known that Web publishing house, CNet, interesting Mullenweg to handle this project. Mullenweg resigned in 2005, leaving to work full bid for WordPress, which today is more like a content-management system, with a variety of templates, widgets, and plugins, and antispam protection Askismet.
3. Mike Schroepfer, Vice president of engineering Mozilla
In the continuity of the browser wars, Mike Schroepfer is a five-star general who led the massive army of open-source but is decentralized which consists of the members and volunteer engineers. Its mission: to improvise the world’s best Web browser, Firefox. Firefox open-source environment possible for a faster development cycle for the integration of new features and added security. Verification of success is the adoption of Internet Explorer 7 to Firefox features such as tabbed browsing.
Perhaps only a few characters that I can serve on. They are great figures who advance the technological development is possible without them we can not know the Internet and all sorts of features, but the authors wanted to instruct the kemujuan technologies that exist today may be expected to be more creative readers away from them because after all the facilities currently owned by us are better than their age …“they could we would also be”